The Goodsyard



Tell me more about the site?

The Goodsyard is the name of the former Bishopsgate Goods Yard site. It is approximately 4.4 ha in size – about the same as seven international football pitches. Sitting between Shoreditch, Banglatown, Spitalfields and the City Fringe, this unique site has been identified in existing planning policies as a strategic opportunity for significant mixed-use development.

Planning guidance for the site was consulted upon and adopted in early 2010 by the London Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets and the Mayor of London. This sets out clear planning and design principles for the future regeneration of The Goodsyard.


How will the project be phased?

The project has been divided into five phases, which could take up to 15 years to complete.

The first phase will include residential elements, the first stage of the new retail hub set within the listed Braithwaite Viaduct, and more than a third of the new public park.

The second phase will deliver the two office buildings (Plots A&B) on the corner of Bethnal Green Road and Shoreditch High Street, which will wrap around the existing Shoreditch High Street station.

The third phase, which sits closest to the City, will include two tall residential buildings (Plots F&G) with retail and public realm at ground level to help animate how the buildings connect with the streets. This phase will also create important new pedestrian routes through the scheme, whilst restoring the Oriel Gateway as a key historic feature and entrance into the development.

The fourth phase includes a series of residential buildings (D&E) along Sclater Street and the remaining elements of the public park. This phase will complete the retail experience within the Braithwaite Viaduct and for the first time in decades, create a new public route from Shoreditch High Street through to Brick Lane.

The final phase will be the addition of the third office building (Plot K) on the south-western corner of the site, which will bring further vibrancy and job opportunities and provide the final piece to the development.

Following discussions with stakeholders during the statutory consultation period, the Joint Venture has amended the phasing of the development to ensure that the provision of the two office buildings within Plots A and B has been brought forward. These will now be delivered in the second phase.


How many jobs will be created?

We estimate that more than 7,000 jobs will be created over the next 15 years. This includes construction jobs, alongside work in the retail and commercial elements of the scheme.


How will the shadows created by the development affect the surrounding area?

We are working with GIA Surveying & Design consultancy on light and overshadowing issues regarding The Goodsyard development, and specifically the impact on the nearby Boundary Estate.

According to GIA, the overall levels of overshadowing to the Boundary Estate are shown to be minimal with the estate seeing no alteration to the levels of sunlight for the majority of the year. The entire estate is also fully in line with the recommendations set out within the BRE guidance.

Additional shadow can only be seen for a very short time during the winter months when shadows are longer and additional shadow is to be expecting from any development of scale on the site.


Who owns the site?

The former Bishopsgate Goods Yard site was under the ownership of Railtrack and was put up for sale as part of the administration process in 2001.

In 2002 the joint venture of Hammerson & Ballymore entered into a binding agreement to buy the site.


How much affordable housing will the development have?

The amount of affordable housing to be included at The Goodsyard is currently under discussion with Hackney, Tower Hamlets and the Mayor of London.

Please check in for future updates.


How much affordable office space will the development have?

In accordance with Hackney council planning guidance, the development will have 10% affordable workspace. This means 10% of the commercial space available will be let to local businesses at 80% of the full market rate.
We are currently in the process of meeting all of the affordable workspace providers on Hackney’s framework and will make a decision on a partner in due course.

Please check in for future updates.


What kinds of businesses will be located at The Goodsyard?

The Goodsyard will provide space for London start-ups and the growing tech and media businesses that characterise the area. We are working with specialist architects Buckley Gray Yeoman to ensure the commercial space is suitable for this. Cushman & Wakefield, London tech market experts, will be responsible for securing tenants.


Why are the towers so tall?

With significant constraints reducing the total amount of land which can be built on to around 30% of the site, The Goodsyard is a very complex development. It has seven live railway lines running through it including the London Overground and six mainline railway lines out of Liverpool Street. It also sits above a number of tunnels including the Central Line underground tube and a BT service tunnel. The site also contains a number of unique heritage assets, which the joint venture is committed to preserving.

Taken together, these constraints make it necessary to build tall, and indeed the site has been identified as suitable for tall buildings as part of the IPG agreed in 2011 with the Mayor of London and the Boroughs of Hackney and Tower Hamlets.


How much will the homes cost?

The price will depend on future market conditions.


Will the homes be sold to foreign investors?

The joint venture is committed to the Mayor’s Concordat, which sends a strong message that The Goodsyard will be providing homes for Londoners. However, it is also important to remember that London is a global city where people from across the world come to live, work and invest and as a result we do expect there to also be interest from overseas buyers.


Will the development push up rents and force local people and businesses out?

We are creating a net increase in affordable housing and workspace in the area and expect The Goodsyard development to have a positive effect on local businesses.


What kind of shops will there be?

We want to see a vibrant mix of small, independent and established brands at The Goodsyard. We are already working closely with local retailers and expect this dialogue to continue as we begin leasing units.

The Goodsyard is also working with specialist retail agents, Shackleton, to ensure a healthy mix of retailers on the site.

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