The Goodsyard

The Goodsyard's Heritage

Bishopsgate Goodsyard opened as a station in 1840, and from the 1880s operated as a bustling terminal for goods coming into London. Much of the original Goodsyard was destroyed in a massive fire in 1964, after which it fell into disuse, and more of the site has been demolished in subsequent years. However, many of the original Victorian features of The Goodsyard remain, currently decaying behind hoardings, unseen by the public. Our plans for The Goodsyard will not only preserve the site’s heritage but actively restore it, bringing it back into use so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

The Braithwaite Viaduct, with its arches and vaults, is a magnificent piece of Victorian engineering. The second oldest railway in London, the Grade II listed structure will be fully restored to become a shopping arcade. The Oriel Gateway, also Grade II listed, will be fully brought back into use as an iconic entrance to The Goodsyard. Many other features of the site’s railway past will be restored as focal points of the new development. The rails, turntables, occuli and a hydraulic accumulator, which have been unseen and unloved for almost half a century, will be given new life as architectural features on the newly reopened London Road. This will provide a new pedestrian thoroughfare from Braithwaite Street to Brick Lane, connecting communities and providing fantastic spaces for shops, cafes, bars and restaurants in the old vaults and archways.

The weavers’ cottages on Sclater Street are locally listed, and we’re working with Chris Dyson Architects to restore these as if they were Grade II listed, paying close care and attention to the historical details of these buildings. Drawing on their past use housing the weavers that drove East London’s industry, these will become home to Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the kind that have flourished in the area in recent years, and that will be given more space to thrive by the development of The Goodsyard.

The Goodsyard is a unique site in London, with a rich history that deserves to be celebrated, not hidden away to decay over time. Our designs carefully look after the many heritage features, highlighting them and showing them off as part of new public realm, so that they can be preserved and enjoyed for many years to come.

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