The Goodsyard

Site Constraints

The Goodsyard is a highly complex site, with several features that constrain its development and reduce the total area of foundable land to one-third of the site. Among these constraints are the following:
• Shoreditch High Street station which is situated on the site
• The London Overground line running through the site
• A BT service tunnel running deep underneath the site
• 6 mainline railway lines (plus a further two reserved lines) out of Liverpool Street runs along and under the southern boundary of The Goodsyard
• The London Underground Central line cutting diagonally underneath the site between Liverpool Street and Bethnal Green
• The London View Management Framework also constrains where building can be sited
• The site straddles two Borough boundaries

In additional to the constraints above, the site also has to deal with the impact of the impressive Grade II-listed structures and the unlisted structures that are present on site. Of course, these make developing the site more complicated, but the Joint Venture has taken an active decision to preserve. The historic elements have been seen as a benefit and something that can be carefully restored and brought back into life so that the local communities and visitors can understand and appreciate the amazing history of the site.

All of these issues are set out and part of the Interim Planning Guidance (2010) that was adopted by the Boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Hackney and approved by the GLA.

All of these listed above severely constrain the ways in which the site can be developed. The nature of these constraints makes it necessary to construct buildings with small footprints in order for The Goodsyard to make best use of the site and deliver a fantastic range of benefits for the area, including new residential and commercial spaces required to accommodate the growth of London. This approach also frees up space to create a fantastic green space in a highly urban part of London with the city’s first elevated park and preserving and opening up the listed Braithwaite arches for all to enjoy for the first time. It will also bring over 1,300 new homes and 840,000 sq ft of office space – including affordable space for the tech and creative industries that have helped the area to thrive.



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