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Goodsyard People

‘Goodsyard People’ is a programme the Joint Venture is pursuing that goes above and beyond their statutory requirements. It is a long-term commitment to support the businesses that give the area its creative edge; the community groups that are its lifeblood and the residents that call the area home. The JV are taking the matter seriously and have included it in their planning submission.

‘Goodsyard People’ was inspired by the work the Joint Venture have been doing with local people since 2011. Over the last four years the Joint Venture has been actively involved in the community; getting involved with projects at Spitalfields City Farm; St Hilda’s Community Centre; supporting the Shoreditch Trust, Milestone Foundation and Inspire to deliver educational and enterprise activities for young people.

The Joint Venture has also worked closely with local businesses, using architects Chris Dyson Associates, Buckley Gray Yeoman and Spacehub + Friends to design key aspects of the scheme.

Goodsyard People

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